End of Broadcast and Formica

A Space to Disconnect

We are perpetually subject to the broadcast of information and content through many means of transmission. If we choose, we can be immersed in never ending sights, sounds and connections.
It’s understood now that disconnecting from this stream is critical for physical, mental and emotional health. Finding an opportunity to do this today can be difficult.
This furniture concept is designed to provide a dedicated space, both at home and in public settings, where one can stop and practice mindfulness meditation.
A faceted shell of panels shrouds a simple, stone-like seat at the centre big enough for a single user. When inside the shroud wireless signals are blocked, sound dampened and lines of sight interrupted, allowing for a moment of disconnection.
Formica laminate plays a key role not just as a surfacing, but as a method to solidify each facet and provide rigidity to the entire system. No matter how chaotic the environment the End of Broadcast blurs the line between public and private space.

Conceived for the Formica FORM 2020 Competition, the End of Broadcast chair was procedurally designed by feeding television broadcast noise and images into a system that would generate a feasible solution to the competition prompt.

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