Blood on the Bayou

Canada's Wonderland
Constructed (Defunct)
Vaughan, ON


Blood on the Bayou was the signature haunted attraction at the 2010 Canada’s Wonderland Halloween Haunt event and the first attractions project I worked on. Starting from a loose prompt of a ‘decrepit home in a Southern U.S. Bayou connected with a supernatural horror’ what was developed was a sprawling walk-through haunt taking guests through an abandoned antebellum-styled home, out into the bayou across rickety bridges, and through hidden shacks housing the source of the evil. Lauded as a next step in haunted attractions for the Halloween Haunt event, Blood on the Bayou would remain active for the 2011 and 2012 seasons, before being moved and reconfigured as Louisiana Scream for the 2013 season. Little remains of the project save a few photographs and an early construction document package.




My role in the project was taking the initial concept prompt with early sketches and developing the overall layout and design of the attraction, as well as producing drawings to be used by the build team. The entire attraction was conceptualized, developed and pre-visualized with an accurate SketchUp model, with AutoCAD used to produced 2D drawings for the build team to use during construction.

Early cad package