Canada's Wonderland
Constructed (Defunct)
Vaughan, ON


A two-part outdoor attraction designed to fill and constrict a wide, clear portion of the park near a signature roller coaster. Developed as one of several new features for the 2016 Halloween Haunt event, Cryohazard and it’s associated up-charge attraction Experiment 53 lasted only a single season, but tested new narratives and effects.

Proposal Document


Cryohazard was an outdoor Scarezone attraction developed for the 2016 Canada’s Wonderland Halloween Haunt event, with an attached premium up-charge experience called Experiment 53. Positioned at a natural bottleneck between the main portion of the park and one of the signature attractions Cryohazard was designed to constrict and direct the flow of guests around themed set-pieces and costumed actors fitting a story-line of scientific experimentation gone wrong. A massive central set-piece was to be constructed and themed as multiple cryonics chambers undergoing a failure, allowing the stored specimens to break free and prey on the scientists, guards and park guests.


experiment 53

Housed within one of the shipping containers flanking the area would be a premium experience titled Experiment 53. This experience would have guests “locked” inside one of the test chambers while a specimen was thawed from their cryonic chamber. Each group of guests would be given a set amount of time to determine the correct combination of buttons and switches to hit within the chamber in order to escape before the specimen broke free.