Moh-Kins-Tsis Centre for Environmental Stewardship

University Project
Calgary, AB


The Moh-Kins-Tsis Centre for Environmental Stewardship is a project completed for the Comprehensive Studio of the M.Arch program. Approached in teams of two, the Comprehensive Studio’s goal is to challenge students with a common, realistic design prompt and require a design that considers structural, infrastructural, mechanical/electrical and sustainable considerations. The prompt for this project was “ceding University of Calgary land back to the indigenous peoples of the area, design a cultural/educational centre based on indigenous cultural history and ideals that can be used by all members of the community.” Completed with Charlene Karl, fellow M.Arch candidate.

Our project’s concept pulls from Canadian Indigenous people’s instrin-sic connection to nature and how they are taught to be stewards of the land. Unifying the human connection and flow of nature, the architecture provides this place of connection and engagement where this tradition of stewardship can continue forward. Here these two flows reach a confluence that informs the building, program within, and the surrounding site. The Centre incorporates environmental practices that also continue to bring this stewardship forward. The two key goals of the project are to: bring together the flows of nature and humanity such that an opportunity for connection and confluence is made; and providing opportunities for people to dwell, rest, and engage in a space that provides connection to nature, culture, and each other.