Sci-Fi House!!

Canada's Wonderland
Vaughan, ON


The signature new haunted attached for Halloween Haunt 2014. A take on the B-grade science fiction films of the 1950’s and 60’s, Sci-Fi House!! is a bit more campy than terrifying. Designed for a purpose-built year-round space just outside the normal guest area of the park, this attraction was to be a major addition to the event and intended to span multiple seasons. The concept was a 1950’s suburban family home consisting of the typical rooms. Each room however would contain some creature, monster, alien or terror echoing the inspiring films. The entire attraction is built in  a gray scale palette, from sets and props to costumes and special effects, to amplify the B-grade film aesthetic.


The initial design prompt for Sci-Fi House!! was simply a “campy 1950’s B-Horror movie invasion of a suburban home”. This gave a lot of freedom, but also challenges. We wanted to ensure that guests interpreted the attraction as a sci-fi mash-up instead of simply aliens, or general monsters. This led to each room of the house being a small vignette as well as a cohesive part of the whole. The backyard included giant spiders, while the bathroom had giant tentacles. The kitchen and dining rooms featured human-eating aliens. The black-and-white colour palette became the key element tying the entire attraction together, as well as not deviating from the suburban house environment. Ultimately a success, and still in operation, unfortunately with little initial design work remaining.