About me

With experience in engineering, construction, themed entertainment design and architecture, I bring a unique blend of skills to any project. I am looking to combine my past experiences, interests and talents into a successful career in themed entertainment design and world-building. I believe I make a valuable contribution to any creative team, and would love to talk about upcoming exciting projects or opportunities you may have. Feel free to contact me to request my CV, further project details, or just to chat. Thanks!

key experience

b.asc and m.arch

A B.ASc from the University of Waterloo in Civil/Structural Engineering (2009) and a M.Arch from the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape, University of Calgary (2020)

project management

Six years experience project management in the construction industry, building on my engineering education and expanding my technical and real-world project knowledge.

past design work

A decade of working with Canada's Wonderland on design work for the Halloween Haunt and Winterfest events. Key art, proposal documentation, concepting, attraction design, and construction drawings.

Who am I

I’m an environmental designer. With a B.ASc in Structural Engineering, six years experience in Construction project management, 10 years relationship designing for Canada’s Wonderland, a M.Arch from the University of Calgary, and a multitude of other experiences from screenwriting to acting I am bringing together my experience to craft worlds for the themed entertainment industry.
Currently based in Calgary, I hope to continue working with exciting firms and clients to bring dynamic, interesting and creative environments to life.


themed entertainment

Excitement and fun, but also serious business, the themed entertainment world is a massive industry. How popular culture is translated into real spaces, and virtual spaces blur the edges of our reality.


Traditional, fictional, proposed; architecture is a critically important element of our world. Whether it's a physically built structure or a fictional set-piece, how we craft our environments matters.

virtual environments

As more and more of us spend increasing amounts of time online, how does the design of our virtual environments impact emotions, collaboration, and social interaction?


I’m primarily interested in the edges of our everyday world. How we theme our spaces to craft new environments. How we build our buildings to evoke a feeling. How we attach meaning to specific places.
Beginning with haunted houses as a child I’ve been fascinating by the process of design environments ever since. World building for movies, television and video games. Immersive theme parks and experiences. Dramatic architecture to simple gestures defining a space.