The Curse of Whitewater Hollow

Canada's Wonderland
Vaughan, ON

A proposed outdoor themed area and attraction for Canada’s Wonderland Halloween Haunt 2016. Intended to anchor two distinct walk-through attractions nearby, The Curse of Whitewater Hollow featured a narrative that both enveloped the attractions and expanded the lore. The attraction was split into three zones; a dominant entry portal of a covered bridge; a residential ‘street’ of small house facades decorated for Halloween; and a town square with wayfinding and thematic elements built around the existing quick-serve food location and shop. Ultimately never fully implemented, the idea of individual house facades with doors was used to a smaller extent.


The concept for The Curse of Whitewater Hollow was based around a small town named Whitewater Hollow which hosts an annual Trick or Treat festival. An curse placed on the town has brought back countless horrors to roam the town and stalk its citizens. On this Halloween night instead of going out to trick or treat, the people of Whitewater Hollow barricade their homes and hide from the creatures outside.

The two existing neighbouring attractions played into this narrative through existing themes and storylines. Cornstalkers is a local farm besieged by murderous scarecrows brought to life by the curse. Spirit Manor is a historic home in the town, under renovation by the Whitewater Hollow Historical Preservation Society, when the vengeful spirits of past owners return to reclaim their estate. Costumed actors would roam throughout the area ‘stalking’ guests as though they were visiting the festival.

Work never progressed past the conceptual stage, with most of it done within a SketchUp model of the park area. Early renderings and attraction signage were produced for proposal purposes, but other projects were emphasized instead.